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Deleted 1 year ago

great play through, I loved your reactions to grandma, exactly what I wanted.

hey guys is there jumpscares?

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there is two small jumps but no big heart attack scare, if you even dont like tiny ones I can message you to let you know what they are, so you know they are coming. 

LOVED the game, I found it kind of funny, It did get my heart beating doe lol

Had an issue with the last video, but wanted to point out that I really do love this game and the growing tension is phenomenal.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it. The new version has a new model and slight edited reveal. Thank you for the comments.

Не плохая хоррор игра :)

Cool horror game with a big plot twist! keep it up

Had so much fun playing The Visit, thanks for the great experience.. pls make IT a jumpscare tho ;) 

It was alright. I said what can be improved on my gameplay. I still found it scary at times.

pretty cool game and looks really good graphic wise. like how the story ends really cool and cant wait for more games from you!!

Sad but at the same time terrifying
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I loved this! Although I must ask. What grandma a halo spartan? Up close, that's what I seen lol. Anyway,  great game! 

it was an alright game it was quite a visit, nice work 

the tension build up is great, but theres a couple of problems the enemy can't get inside of the rooms, so if you go inside and the enemy is just out side the door then its game over and You walk really really really slow.

But I do love the twist at the end

the game starts at 12:04

Pure paranoia fuel.  Excellent tension building, but I wish you could move faster once you are actually in danger.

You can sprint now, and you're going to need to, grandma just got creepier!

The game is a bit too short.
But it has potential :)

Such a lovely game. I had fun. A little slow in the movement. Does the phone disappear? I would to see what you can come up with next!! The Visit is the second in the video.

Ne sorry. Dieses Spiel war anfangs schon... okay... aber es war langweilig.

Man ist durch die Wohnung gelaufen und hat ein Messer eingesammelt.

Außerdem hast du dir net mal die Mühe gegeben irgendein Modell für die Oma zu suchen. Das ist einfach das Modell vom UE4 Charakter.

Und warum zum Teufel ist ein Messer der Schlüssel für die Eingangstür?

Neh sorry. Das Game war einfach kacke. Mehr nicht.

did a 3 random indie horror game i like the game

Lovely little smash, just wish it was a bit more complex but don't take the criticism too heart! Very good!

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Uploaded my playthrough on the game hopefully you guys check it out and enjoy!

loved the game but needs to be longer..  Check my video out,  I always do little skits at the beginning of my videos so feel free to skip that 

Gave the game a try!


Hi! I included your game in my latest Horror Games video! Hope ya enjoy, mate!

Skip to 3:47 to see me play your game!

This game is incredibly creepy! Sent waves of shivers down my spine. The environment is minimalist, but that kind of added to the creepiness. The sound in this game is done very well. Lots of little noises that keep you on the edge of your seat. The lighting adds a great atmospheric touch to the experience. I really would love to see a full game about this! I enjoyed it a lot!

Here's my playthrough:


Thank you for the kind words, it means a lot. I spent a while on the lighting and the SFX so I'm happy someone noticed. I love watching people get scared, I'm happy it got to you. 

Never have I had such a strange experience with my grandma. I knew there was something weird about this family and I'll never try to do yoga at 5:34 am again! 

Played this for a 3 free indie horror games video. Arguably the best of the 3 but still not too great and needs more content and some work, but not a bad game overall. I give a full, in-depth and honest review in my video below. Timestamp in the beginning if you just wanna skip to the review portion. 

Fun little game!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab)



Thanks for the fun :D

great playthough, I get so nervous watching other people my game, I'm glad you liked, its funny I have never ever seen the visit, this game was inspired by a movie called Hereditary, which I highly recommend.  

I played your game in part of a 3 horror games video. It was decent overall, I didn't find any bugs so that was a plus. I give most of my criticisms in the video. Keep up the good work though, it's clear you could make a great horror game if given the time. This just felt very gimmicky to me.


Hey thanks for playing, I've had heaps of feedback on the models, but most of my decisions were dictated by time. I made this game as a way to learn unreal and it's my first non system driven game, so the whole experience was challenging. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it that much, it's not really a "gamey" game just a short little idea, so maybe it's my fault for not making that clearer. Criticism taken on board and hopefully you enjoy any future games I make. 

Hey man no need to apologize! I understand my criticism may have come off as harsh, I kind of took back what I said right after I said it in the video. I totally understand you're just getting used to the engine, I could tell. It's all good. I had a good time playing honestly, there's a LOT of games I play off of here that are just buggy as all hell, but your game was very polished and well done. The models just kind of took the effect away for me and made it feel very cheesy, but overall it was a job well done. I'll definitely play any games you release in the future :)

This game is so creepy and the tension was palpable! Had a blast playing it! 

Thanks for playing the game, so glad you enjoyed it, that's also the nicest complement I think I've ever gotten on something I've made.

Gave it a go...


Thanks for your feedback, I agree with you. I wish I had the time to make a unique model for grandma and the knife key haha, but the project already bloated to 6 weeks to make, so i had to draw the line somewhere. Great play through I'm glad you enjoyed the atmosphere that was the most important aspect to me.

Very creepy game. I love all the events that happen. Grandma could use a tweak to her model, but good stuff.

great play through, the front door knife, I lost it! haha, yes i need a unique model for the knife and grandma still, thanks for playing.   



Hey great video, and feedback, I'm more about the goosebumps then the jump scares. I will update the models soon I've had a lot of feedback on them haha. Thanks for playing.

This game is DOPE!! Wish it was longer.

Really liked that game, one thing I can categorically say is... That's not grandma.. 👀

I had a lot of fun recording this. I hope to see more from you guys in the future!

Thank you for the play through I really enjoyed it, watching you play showed me a lot of what I can improve, this was just a small idea I had for a while, but I will make more games :D

Hey what's up just gave your game a try and it was cool.

Hey, thanks for playing through the game and recording it, was fun to watch you play. I hope you enjoyed it, If you have any feedback that would be great too.


checking out your game! you can find it at:

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