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I'm not especially offended by the portrayal of dissociative identity disorder, even though it's inaccurate and nonsensical. But I do think it's lazy writing and unnecessary for the story. Nice first try dev, but I would try and make your plot a little tighter next time.

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For those reading the comments who haven't checked yet, charlieainthere, tiredanddone, K20fourty, and Proponent all registered at the exact same date of Dec 21, 2019 and have no other activity except for this one page. fuckthevisit is the same but is registered a year after. Besides Proponent (I'm figuring they created an account to argue some sense, fair enough), the accounts really seem to be 4 alt accounts attempting to get their voice heard. They're arguing the same kind of sense (DID is misrepresented; how dare you use it as an overused horror trope) with similar tone. If the point was valid, why can't just 1 account state what's wrong and have the validity of the point stand for itself? It worked for Proponent.

It's as if they're not here to debate a point, but just to announce a message as loud as possible. They might as well promote the main's contacts with how similar their aims are.

Good , short  game ! First video.

Nice little short game ;) good job , i love it !


using DID as a trope for horror, even if it's not actually true, and going around and using false information like saying that an elderly person (or anyone older than 10 or 11 for that matter), can develop a disorder like DID is factually incorrect. the DID part of the story wasn't wanted or needed and is just another added overused trope that's literally nothing more than adding stigmatization to an already highly stigmatized disorder and not to mention mild fearmongering. 

i highly suggest not doing this shit in the future. 

-sincerely, someone with DID who's tired of their disorder being played off as a horror trope :)


I played the game, was pretty spookers, albeit the character is quite slow and it hurts my soul. Also, you need to handle mental illness in a certain way when making content involving it. It isn't that you can't apply it, but the way you did doesn't work well. As mentioned in other comments, DID cannot be developed in adulthood, it isn't like dementia or a delusional disorder or something. I get that she doesn't have DID, there's a ghost or some demon or something involved, but you you didn't do your homework. That doctor has gotta be the worst doctor ever for thinking it's DID lol.

And don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you're shitty, I'm not saying you intended anything wrong (despite being wrong), but I am going to criticize you for a piece of the story that just comes off as lazy and is misinformed about an already heavily stigmatized disorder (the one "evil" alter, the violent alter, the manipulative alter, the alter that gives you super powers, etc, are all ridiculous please be wary of those tropes).

In the future, make sure to do research. And make your goddamn character faster! xD


I have Dissociative Identity Disorder. Maybe next time do some research on what the fuck you're making your game about.

It's IMPOSSIBLE for an elderly woman to develop DID. It develops ONLY in very early childhood.

Maybe next time instead of demonising an illness you obviously know nothing about, you should do some research and actually present proper information.

At least then you'll only be demonising the illness and not spreading misinformation too.


People who have DID are NOT dangerous. Not anymore than anyone else with any illness is. Thanks for perpetuating stereotypes and ALSO speading misinformation.

Deleted 2 years ago

Glad someone else is pointing this out. Neckbeards on here apparently get very angry when you don’t kiss the asses of people that are directly contributing to the discrimination faced by mentally ill people. I think I’m allowed to be angry when someone implies that I’m inherently dangerous


Uh oh guys, I'm angry and the only way I can refer to people with a valid argument against myself is by calling them angry neckbeards. This one's too easy bud. I'm starting to think that you may have other mental deficiencies involved.


Exactly. I'm allowed to get angry when not only is the ONLY REPRESENTATION WE EVER HAVE in mainstream media is horror movie/game villains, and not just that but shitty characters who haven't even been properly researched to be accurate.

It hurts and it's frustrating. It's easy to google some shit and double check your sources. If I'm writing a horror movie or game does that give me a free pass to be racist? No. It shouldn't give you a free pass to be ableist and stereotype the mentally ill in a harmful way.


This is a fucking joke. This is actually a joke. No one is going to play this game and go "Oh my god, people with DID are fucking dangerous and I don't want to be anywhere near them." Do you know why? Because it's a horror video game. No, instead, the type of thing that would make me keep away from people experiencing DID is this fucking comment section, because you guys have some serious problems with bitching and moaning about nothing. Either that or you're one person on multiple accounts, and you desperately want to make a statement. You're right, I don't care what mental illness you have. I don't care how close this hits home for you. Not because I'm not sympathetic towards your condition, but because of how you approached this fucking garbage. "Maybe do some research on what the fuck you're making your game about," and "At least then you'll only be demonizing the illness and not spreading misinformation too." Like, are you serious dude? I would have been a lot more open to your opinion if you weren't such an asshole.

For instance: "Hey, here's some information on Dissociative Identity Disorder and how it personally affects me." So fucking aggressive because you're so hurt. Hope your condition becomes manageable or you find a way to cope, but fuck you, not for your mental illness, but because you're a dick.


"I don't care", "It doesn't do anything, it's just a horror game."

You obviously don't understand that Media does in fact affect reality, that the first and often only information people are getting about mental illnesses is from games and media.

Sorry that you're so upset that I was upset by the spread of misinformation. But you obviously have not had people whose entire understanding of these illnesses comes from games like these, look at you like you're a monster as soon as you tell them. So yes. I'm hurt.

I'm glad you found your own solace in attacking me for going "Hey maybe do research on what's in your fucking game before you make the game, because otherwise it just shows how you're using Mental Illness as a scary othering thing instead of ya know... Giving a shit about the people who actually have it."

And pardon me if I'm a little fucking tired of shitty indie creators making half assed games about Big Scary Mentally Ill people because they can't come up with a better horror premise besides "This person is sick and needs help, but I think what's affecting them is scary and going to make them hurt ME! Oh no, gotta run away or shoot them!"

And your comment just reads "I'm tired of people getting angry and annoyed because not only is this game Factually Incorrect, but also is yet another shitty game that has mentally ill people as its villain and the creator didn't even bother to do research, so I'm gonna shit on them and say that's why I wanna avoid people with DID, because they don't want HORROR GAME CHARACTERS AS THEIR ONLY REPRESENTATION, or if they are okay with that as the only rep they have, at least make them FUCKING ACCURATE. Totally not because I don't trust them and think they could blow up and switch and kill me because that's all I've seen in media."

Thank you for your reply, but it wasn't wanted or needed. Go away please.

That's really cute. "Wasn't wanted or needed." Imagine that, dude. Looks like we have something in common! Fucking internet snowflakes these days.

Furthermore, I've never once heard anyone mention being scared of someone with DID because of the way they were represented in a fucking fictional horror game. You're retarded. Again, the only thing that's going to prevent people from actually interacting with you is this garbage load of text that you've been posting this entire time. Did I mention that this is fictional? Are you interested in a list of movies/games that misrepresent certain disorders/illnesses in order to add to the horror aspect?

"You're a fucking shitty person" is essentially what you said. That was your first comment. Not needed or wanted, but you said it, right? You could have been nicer about it, but you decided to be a cunt because you're offended. I decided to be a cunt because there was no reason for you to fucking lash out like a god damn child at a creator who's simply trying to make a horror game. Inform them politely and move the fuck on with your life.

Don't talk to me about what isn't wanted or needed lmao. I think you're just a shitty person who needs some self evaluation, honestly. No one is shooting people with DID and they aren't running away because they're scared. If they are running away, it's because it's something they're not familiar with and they find it weird. That's the way the world is. Not everyone is going to accept you for who you are. Here's an idea: If you meet someone and tell them that you have DID and they run away, can you not deduce that the individual was not worth your time to begin with? Can you be friends with someone that ignorant, or do you want to be friends with someone who is so judgmental?

Call my hypocritical, but don't forget that you started this by deciding not to take the calm approached. I merely shot back. What I said was true, I don't care what problems you have because I'm going to treat everyone the same way. Don't be an asshole and I'll be chill. My favorite part of your response was, "im glad you found your own solace in attacking me," as if there wasn't a fucking reason for it. You're one of those people that sit around and pity themselves all day, aren't  you? You started this shit aggressively and were met with an equally aggressive response, and kept pushing the "mah DID tho" comment, over and fucking over again, and I responded the same way.

Get over yourself. Bye :)


hi, another person with DID here. i don't think you understand how fiction effects reality, and i also don't think you understand that your experiences in life aren't universal. 

there are medical professionals who refuse to believe that DID exists despite the evidence backing it up, and there are people who believe that movies like "split" are good representation of them. i've seen medical professionals, (or those who claim to be them), claim that DID and other disorders like it (such as BPD) are dangerous. people with DID (and mental illnesses in general) are no more likely to be violent to you or anyone else than your average joe. in fact, it's far more likely that mentally ill people, especially those with already highly stigmatized disorders like DID, are more at risk of being the victims of extreme violence than people without it, especially considering that DID is a disorder developed from extreme childhood trauma. 

if video games like this and movies like "split" didn't effect reality, then DID wouldn't be as highly stigmatized a disorder as it is and you going around calling people retarded snowflakes for calling that out just makes you seem like a sensitive jackass who doesn't like when their extremely discriminatory stereotypes are threatened. 

get over yourself. bye :)


Haha, okay.

Hey, Split was pretty good though :)


Very professional name, by the way. Super great for trying to get your point across. Glad that you've taken a calm approach instead of directly attacking somebody who could potentially just be misinformed themselves lol. My god, shut the fuck up you privileged child. 

I'm convinced you're just the same person on separate accounts. Oops, maybe that's your DID. My bad.


Pretty fuckin shitty to make a game perpetuating harmful stereotypes about an already HEAVILY stigmatized mental illness. If you can’t  scare people without taking advantage of mentally ill people, maybe you should pick a new game genre. 


What the fuck are you so offended at? What mental illness are you referring to? Are you referring to "she's become a bit of a recluse lately"? Imagine being this much of an offended little bitch over literally nothing. Outrage culture is abundant in this one, and it shows. You came here to argue nothing, just to make outrageous accusations. Can you point me to the part where he's "taking advantage of mentally ill people"?  Here's my reaction that you were clearly  looking for, idiot. Hope you got a good laugh at it. Perhaps talk with your ISP about disconnecting services indefinitely. 

Over-analyze a fucking video game so that you can twist it to be offensive and disrespectful, and then attack the creator for trying to provide entertainment. Brilliant. Toxic cunt.


They're referring (or at least I think so) to the Dissociative Identity Disorder note. I think they're right, It's a very stigmatized mental illness. In fact, most mental illnesses are stigmatized not only in videogames but in every media. They rarely have anything to do with how they're portrayed. Someone suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder is as dangerous as any other not mentally ill person. I know it might look like a small thing to you, but many small things like these end up building one huge stereotype. When you or anyone near you is dealing with a mental illness these small things can hurt a lot. My guess is K20fourty was hurt and that's why they jumped instead of giving an explanation (though I understand, when you've given this explanation a hundred times to a hundred different people you get tired of doing so). I hope you understand better now. It's as easy as not addressing mental illnesses unless you do it faithfully Again, it's a small thing but it means a lot.

Ps: English ain't my mother language so sorry If some parts don't read too well.


The other reply to this is right. I’m referring to where they literally say that the grandma has dissociative identity disorder. You are so angry over this, I don’t even know what to say. It’s hilarious but also just disappointing that you’re THAT ready to defend something that aids in continuing the discrimination of mentally ill people. I don’t know how to tell you that you should care about other people. Even then, it’s not about hurting people’s feelings, it’s about the actual safety and lives of mentally ill people. This is bigger than you and your annoyance.

Calm down. Realize that negative stereotyping harms people in the real world. Maybe take some Xanax and put on a CBD patch. 

Deleted 329 days ago

I’m not belittling anyone, Xanax and CBD patches are legitimate things that could calm a person down. As far as I know, telling someone to take a chill pill isn’t discriminatory and doesn’t cause legitimate harm the way negative stereotypes do.

You seem very confused, based on replies you’ve made to other comments. I think you’re misunderstanding the intentions and words of people and responding to things that weren’t said.

Not to put words in everyone’s mouths, and please do correct me if I’m misunderstanding, but it does seem like the people here don’t exactly care about the well-being of mentally ill people (at least in the given situation that their wellbeing interferes with the plot of a horror game).

Deleted 2 years ago

“Clout goblin” as if I get clout for making an account just to comment once on harmful material. 

Who am I? Someone with Dissociative Identity Disorder who is directly affected and harmed by the stereotypes this game developer is helping to spread.


Great game played it on my Laptop and had to play it on a low res, this is my walkthrough.


Finally played this game. Had alot of fun!


HEY! loved it 


Funny little horror game, here's my playthrough! Have fun! (polish language)


10/10 would poop pants again


LMAAAAO "you die try again" just respawn behind the killer.


I played through your game, and although there's room for improvement I thought that it was pretty good for a first game that you made. I included some suggestions for improvement near the end of the video, and perhaps you could think of some other things to improve on based on my struggles throughout the Also I just noticed from the description of the game above that you can sprint but only when being in danger...not sure why that wasn't really working for me but I managed to get to the end. Anyway, overall this was not a bad first game, it has a lot of potential.

Here is my gameplay for anyone that's interested. Thank you for your time and have a nice day! :3


Made a video


you should really play the lastest Build, that one is old.


I want to play this but whenever I open it it gives me this error:

I already have the Unreal Engine Prerequisites installed, so I don't know what else I can do. :(


Hey thanks for bring this to my attention, so after doing some digging I didn't quite find a definitive answer. I did read something about this happening in win32 versions so I made a win64 version, I played it through and it works, so please download and try that version, if that doesn't work then I really don't know.


It works! Thank you so much


It was ok . I enjoyed playing it... Good Work my friend. I would like to play another game from you. Please keep me post it ....

The Visit An indie Horror game . visiting Grandma.

Ok so We did visit our grandma maybe we shouldn't have...


I really, really enjoyed this game!

It's short, it's simple, but the sound design is really good and the atmosphere? Top notch! Gave me goosebumps a couple of times!

Here's the video for those interested:


Yoo, cool game, keep it up.


wow, was not expecting this to be as frightening as it was! nice work

Your game starts at the 12 min mark! hope you enjoy

I came, I saw; I peed a little bit.


Great play through, you made me laugh a couple times.


Thanks for taking the time to watch :)


This game was decently spoopy and caught me off guard at moments. Well done.

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Though it was short I really enjoyed playing the game! really nice atmosphere, definitely sent chills down my spine. overall this was pretty impressive for your first game! Keep up the amazing work. 


This was a quick fun game!

thank you really glad you enjoyed it.

Loved it! Please enjoy! 

you should really try the latest version.

Liked it. Nice and creepy atmosphere. 

I screwed up at the beginning of the video and said you made games that you didn't. Sorry about that. Now realizing this is your first game, even more impressive :)


that's all good, I'm glad you liked it. I see you have a eye for details you very interested in all the seams in the world haha.

I do like to be thorough :)

This game was very well done, got a few good spooks outta me.

Thank you for the experience! Feel free to use my content :) 

Deleted 2 years ago

great play through, I loved your reactions to grandma, exactly what I wanted.

hey guys is there jumpscares?

(1 edit)

there is two small jumps but no big heart attack scare, if you even dont like tiny ones I can message you to let you know what they are, so you know they are coming. 

LOVED the game, I found it kind of funny, It did get my heart beating doe lol

Had an issue with the last video, but wanted to point out that I really do love this game and the growing tension is phenomenal.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it. The new version has a new model and slight edited reveal. Thank you for the comments.

Не плохая хоррор игра :)

Cool horror game with a big plot twist! keep it up

Had so much fun playing The Visit, thanks for the great experience.. pls make IT a jumpscare tho ;) 

It was alright. I said what can be improved on my gameplay. I still found it scary at times.

pretty cool game and looks really good graphic wise. like how the story ends really cool and cant wait for more games from you!!

Sad but at the same time terrifying
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